who we are

creative production lab


We are Cauri Creative House. More than a company, we are proud to view ourselves as a collective of producers and artists focused on production services and art direction for film and still photography. 

Our in-house diverse team is composed with members specialized in different areas. 

We also collaborate with many other production companies throughout the nation. Our aim is to create liaisons and we are constantly looking to expand our family. Meet the team →



where we are

playa del carmen, mX

Guadalajara, MX


We are based in the Mexican Caribbean due to the tremendous opportunities presented by the international market in this region. We offer some of the best locations throughout Mexico as well as Cuba, Costa Rica & Los Cabos.

Located in western Mexico Guadalajara is known for its thriving creative industry and its strategic geographical position. Cauri Studio has more than 459 ft (140 m) of surface for any type of production.




Our Office

Volcán Pico de Orizaba 2781
Zapopan, Jalisco, 45070

Inmediate Attention: +52 1 33 3676 4567

Inmediate Attention: +52 1 33 3559 4442

Phone: +52 33 3676 4567

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